Smile stories

Here are some examples of patients cared for in our office, showing teeth from the initial consultation, a description of the treatment, and the transformation in each case from before to after treatment.


This 10-1/2 yr. old girl was treated for less than two years with full orthodontic appliances, and she did not require any permanent tooth extractions. Prior to treatment, she had very crowded teeth. Her upper front teeth were crossed over and quite a bit forward of her lower teeth. Her jaws were very narrow and she did not show very many teeth when she smiled.

DW Teeth Before Treatment

At the end of orthodontic care, you can see how well-rounded her smile is; it is nice and wide, showing plenty of teeth!

DW Treatment


This young girl had a very difficult malocclusion. She had severe crowding which prevented her teeth from erupting into place; several teeth were caught under the gums. Her upper front teeth were placed too far forward of her lower teeth, and therefore she was unable to close her lips comfortably around her teeth.

CB Teeth Before Treatment

She was treated with full orthodontic appliances and the removal of permanent teeth. As you can see in the final pictures, she now has a very well balanced smile, and she is able to place her lips together comfortably at rest.

CB Treatment


This adult male patient had very small teeth and showed excessive gum tissue when he smiled. His overbite was extremely deep, and because of it he had excessive wear on his lower incisors.

JL Teeth Before Treatment

After treatment, his smile is balanced and broad. He shows less gum tissue, and his lower teeth are secure from further wear and tear.

JL Treatment


This 9-1/2 yr. old girl had an accelerated eruption pattern and was therefore ready to begin orthodontic treatment at a younger age than usual. She had an extremely small upper jaw and had insufficient space for many of her adult teeth; her initial smile picture only shows four upper front teeth.

GW Teeth Before Treatment

We treated her very aggressively with non-extraction care and were able to straighten all of her teeth and give her a beautiful smile without removing any permanent teeth.

GW Treatment


This patient was presented to our office with an extremely deep overbite. She had three permanent teeth stuck below the gum line with no room for them to erupt into her mouth. You can see the bulges in the corners of her picture prior to treatment.

KH Teeth Before Treatment

This patient was treated with permanent tooth extractions, which gave her an extremely favorable profile, a beautiful smile and a proper overbite.

KH Treatment


This patient was treated at age 12 due to a severely deep overbite. He had a very straight profile which did not show his teeth well and gave him a very small smile.

ML Teeth Before Treatment

He wore full braces and we were able to move his upper teeth forward enough to accommodate a repositioning of his lower jaw forward. He has an esthetically pleasing profile and smile.

ML Treatment


This girl was treated because she had a severely deep overbite. You can see on her initial photograph that her upper front teeth were completely covering her lower front teeth and the lower front teeth are impinging into the roof of the mouth. This resulted in excessive wear of the teeth and loss of gum tissue over time. She also had a very narrow smile; you don’t see any posterior teeth when she smiles.

KB Teeth Before Treatment

At the end of treatment you see upper a lower teeth, a nice broad smile and the risk of wear and tear eliminated.

success story


This patient wore braces because of an impacted permanent cuspid. This means the upper right cuspid tooth was caught on the roof of the mouth and was unable to erupt into place. The impacted tooth could not be left in the palate because it eventually would destroy the teeth around it.

SH Teeth Before Treatment

The patient wore braces in order to increase the space available for this tooth; the tooth was surgically exposed and moved into place using regular orthodontic appliances.

success story


This patient was under our care for several years for space maintenance. In order to treat her with non-extraction care in the future we needed to be aggressive; we held all space available in her arch while she was growing up.

MB Teeth Before Treatment

We were able to expand her upper jaw, place the teeth in their most proper position and give her a beautiful smile. We were successful in treating her without the removal of any permanent teeth.

success story