Elastics help us move your teeth by a gentle but continuous force. Teeth move best when elastics are worn consistently.

Rules to follow

  • Elastics need to be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your teeth to move.
  • If possible, leave elastics on while eating to gain maximum benefit.
  • Remove elastics to brush your teeth. Change them once a day because they lose their strength. It’s a good idea to leave elastics in the same area when you brush your teeth. This way you will see them and remember to put them back on.
  • ALWAYS carry elastics with you so that if an elastic breaks you will be able to replace it right away.
  • Your teeth may be a little tender for a couple of days. If you wear them as instructed, any discomfort will soon disappear. If you take them on and off, your teeth will never get a chance to become accustomed to them, and your teeth will always be sore.
  • Please call the office if you run low and we will gladly mail some to you.

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