Elastics (Rubber Bands) For Braces

Elastics, also referred to as rubber bands, are used on your braces help us move your teeth by a gentle but continuous force. This force is applied by an archwire that runs through brackets that have been attached to the surface of your teeth. Your teeth move best when elastics are worn consistently.

Rules To Follow When Wearing Elastics

  • Elastics need to be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your teeth to move.
  • If possible, leave elastics on while eating to gain maximum benefit.
  • Change your elastics once a day because they lose their strength.
  • Remove elastics to brush your teeth. It’s a good idea to leave your elastics in the same area when you brush your teeth. This way you will see them and remember to put them back on.
  • ALWAYS carry extra elastics with you so that if an elastic breaks you will be able to replace it right away.
  • Your teeth may be a little tender for a couple of days. If you wear your elastics as instructed, any discomfort will soon disappear. If you take your elastics on and off, your teeth will never get a chance to become accustomed to them, and your teeth will always be sore.
  • Please call one of our offices if you run low on elastics and we will gladly mail some to you.

Download A Printable Elastics Information Sheet