Can You Afford Braces?

Amy Uncategorized

    Many parents or prospective patients are reluctant to go to the orthodontist for fear of not being able to afford the fee. They envision an outlay of several thousand dollars and wonder if it’s all worth it.

    However what usually happens during the consultation visit is that parents are actually relieved to learn that after an initial down payment the remaining portion can be paid in affordable monthly payments over the course of treatment. Moreover, many dental insurance plans now cover up to one third of the fee.

    Orthodontics is, in a way, “cost effective” since teeth which are straight and bite together properly will resist later dental decay and gum disease (providing that oral hygiene is meticulous and dental check-ups are regular.)

    Also, not only does orthodontic care provide healthy smiles, but also a certain confidence that can only be found in a beautiful smile, which ultimately is priceless.

    Finally, orthodontics is a once-in-a-lifetime expense, unlike other dental care where lifelong visits are required for optimal dental health.

    So it’s not whether you can afford braces, but whether you can afford not to.