Everything you ever wanted to know about the Herbst Appliance but didn't know enough to ask…

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Of all the appliances we use to correct bad bites and crooked teeth, we probably spend more time explaining a Herbst Appliance than any other. It is not a confusing appliance but is is one that fewer people wear and therefore less commonly seen among your friends and other patients.  Simply put, the Herbst is a fixed mandibular repositioning appliance.  Not simple enough? Think of it as a device attached to the teeth (so it doesn't come in and out ), that moves the lower jaw (the mandible) forward to correct overbites and overjet and improve your facial profile so you have a great shaped face and a great  smile. It may seem bulky at first, but really no more difficult to get used to than the braces themselves; and you INSTANTLY look better; as if your jaw magically grew.  And best of all, NO HEADGEAR.  That's right! In the good old days we orthodontists used a Headgear that went around the neck and then a wide silver wire went into the mouth and attached to the upper back teeth. I bet you've seen it is a bunch of movies too.   
But at RTO, NO HEADGEAR. I mean it. NONE.  

The Herbst moves your jaw forward from INSIDE  the mouth. You can barely see the Herbst and it works 24/7 so it is extremely effective.  Here is a picture of the Herbst on a model of teeth:

VERY slick. Streamlined. Nothing outside the mouth.

Here are some of our patients before and after the appliance.

Is3 N3
  Look at the lower jaw and profile.  See how the balance between the nose and the lips and the chin has greatly improved.

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I will answer some questions in a second posting.  Please email or comment and I will post .