HERBST Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can you see the Herbst appliance?

The Herbst MRA is totally inside the mouth—nothing

is on the outside. Sometimes, especially at the

beginning the corners of the mouth may bulge a little.

This will become less noticeable as the appliance

settles into place and your facial muscles relax and

accept your new jaw position.

Q: Will I look different?

YES! You will look dramatically BETTER as your

profile will show an immediate improvement.

Q: Can the appliance be removed? Will it fall out?

No, it does not come out of the mouth until we remove

it. That is why it is works so well! Infrequently one

of the rods will disengage. This does not hurt and

you can re-connect the rods in a moment or two.

Q: Why do I need this device?

Your lower jaw and upper jaw are not positioned

correctly. This gives you a “bad bite” and a less

favorable profile and smile. The Herbst will reposition

your jaw forward to give you a better bite, better

profile and better smile. And NO HEADGEAR.

Q: Does it hurt?

At first it is a mouthful! You might be a little tender

from the placement of the appliance and where it

touches the inside of your cheeks and lips. This

discomfort is similar to a routine orthodontic adjustment.

It may take 1-5 days to completely adapt.

Q: What can I eat?

We recommend soft foods at first because chewing

can be awkward. You need to be careful and eat

small pieces of food until the Herbst settles and you

are used to the way your teeth now come together.

When you become accustomed to the Herbst you can

resume your usual diet.