Look Everyone! No Braces!! Straight Teeth!

Amy Uncategorized

RTO faithful! My name is Carla and I work as an assistant in the Westford
office. I bet you haven’t even noticed, (and that is the biggest point!), but I
have been wearing Invisalign aligners for the last 4 months!!  I have to say how amazed I am that people in and
out of work don’t notice. Even the patients that I am caring for, and their
mothers and fathers, do not see them.  I
have been explaining process of wearing braces and treatment and home care for
4 months and not a single person has “seen” that I am straightening my teeth
invisibly.  Like so many of you I had
braces before but didn't wear my retainer.  
My teeth moved and I just didn’t love my smile anymore so the Docs at
RTO suggested I use Invisalign to get back to perfect.  The aligners are not
obvious, easy to maintain and do not affect my speech.   

anyone considering getting back to where you were, Invisalign is really that
easy! Feel free to post any of your questions here on our blog!

I am so
happy I chose Invisalign!  Next time
you’re here see if you can see them. 
Keep smiling!