Summer Vacation, but Not for Your Teeth!

Amy Uncategorized

Hey all you RTO bloggers! It’s Kim from the Westford office.
I was daydreaming about summer vacation and all the fabulous trips our patients
will be going on and thinking about putting my feet in the sand when I
remembered that straight teeth never go on vacation!  If you are heading out of town don’t forget
your wax for comfort and your elastics. 
Successful treatment depends so much on your cooperation and elastics
are number one!  Consistent wear as
instructed is the shortest route to victory. 
So pack extra elastics, and never hesitate to call if you are running
low on your supply.  We can mail them to
you anywhere you are; the animal on the elastic bag is there to help you
remember what size elastics you are wearing.  
Have fun, stay cool and Bite Back!