Think Before You Pierce your Lip!

Amy Uncategorized

Before you get an oral piercing, consider the results of a study made by oral surgeons at the University of Barcelona, Spain. Dentists investigated patients with a lip piercing on only one side of their mouth. This is a perfect way to see what changes and effects the piercing has since one side is unaffected. Their gums and general oral condition were observed and compared to healthy, normal side. The results indicate considerable risks to your long-term dental health from piercing a lip.

The most frightening statistic was the prevalence of cracked teeth with piercings. Twenty percent (one in every five patients!) had tooth fractures and cracks on the side of their mouth with a piercing. Cracks in your teeth can directly lead to nerve damage and a root canal and even the loss of your tooth.

The dentists also discovered that patients’ gums were damaged on the piercing side and were experiencing greater levels of gum recession from the teeth. Gum loss leads to an increased risk of tooth decay and tooth loss.

While many people feel that a lip piercing improves their beauty, it will never improve your dental health. RTO would like to remind you that nothing improves your looks better than a full set of healthy teeth!


This is recession! 



These are fractured teeth!



Infection? Yes that too!!