Teen Treatment

Early Treatment
"Sensational experience for my daughter. Not knowing a thing about braces when we first walked through the door! Now we are professionals!! Everyone is super polite and accommodating. They make you feel like family. You don't feel like a number. They make the kids feel so at home and walk them through everything. My daughter is super sensitive and they were fantastic with her! Excellent customer service and friendly staff! Can't say enough good things about them! Love it here. Phase one complete, see you soon for phase two!"

Comprehensive Care

Ready to start!

Most children and adolescents are ready to begin treatment between the ages of 9 and 13, when they have enough teeth to support the appliances and when growth and development have been adequately established to be predictable. The key to success is to start treatment at the optimal time of dental and skeletal development and emotional maturity. This is a highly individual task and is different for each child. These orthodontics cases, which are far and away the most common, are completed in a single phase of care; braces are worn for the appropriate time period and the results are superb.