Orthodontic Appliance Care During Treatment

Post-Operative Instructions

Taking care of your appliances during orthodontic treatment is vital, whether we’re talking about your braces, rapid palatal expander, Straight Teeth Now clear aligners, Invisalign® clear aligners, or retainer. It will require some adjustments on your part, but compliance with your orthodontists instructions is the key to success during treatment. Don’t worry though, the team at RTO knows exactly how to help you get the best results during, and after, your treatment.

"This has been a great experience for my daughter and I. She loves going for her visits and the doctors and Staff are amazing with the kids. They explain every step along the way and answer any question you may have.

For the parents they provide all the details needed and outline what the next steps are and when they will be needed. Great office and staff!"


Your Teeth Deserve Attention Too

Having good oral hygiene during treatment will not only keep your teeth clean and gums healthy, it will also help your teeth move faster, more predictably and will keep your teeth free from stains and decay. Poor brushing and excessive breakage of braces brackets will result in longer treatment, compromised outcomes, cavities, and staining of the teeth. We will help you learn the proper way to brush and floss with braces or clear aligners!

Braces or Clear Aligners Need Repair?

During treatment, braces can sometimes come loose from the teeth, a wire can poke your cheek, or your aligner can get rough and worn. If this happens, just give us a call to help determine the best time to repair the problem. In some cases, you can repair your orthodontic appliance at home until your able to come in to one of the RTO offices.