RTO’s Shark Nation Rewards Program

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SHARKY BUCKS – Rewarding Great Patients

Join RTO’s Shark Nation Rewards Program. Start earning SHARKY BUCKS at each office visit by following the guidelines below. The more you participate, the more SHARKY BUCKS you earn. Save your SHARKY BUCKS and redeem them for cool prizes like movie tickets or gift certificates to Starbucks, GameStop, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, and more.

Reichheld Ting Orthodontics SHARKY BUCK


  1. Arrive on time for your regularly scheduled appointment.  1 SHARKY BUCK
  2. Have your teeth clean & brushed BEFORE you are called in for your appointment.  1 SHARKY BUCK
  3. Wear your RTO T-shirt to your regularly scheduled appointment.  3 SHARKY BUCKS
  4. Nothing loose or broken at your regularly scheduled appointment.  3 SHARKY BUCKS
  5. Bring a signed RTO note from your dentist stating that you have had your teeth cleaned.  5 SHARKY BUCKS
  6. Refer a friend to our office.  30 SHARKY BUCKS

Rules & Regulations

  1. SHARKY BUCKS are only awarded at regularly scheduled appointments. Repair appointments do not count.
  2. The number of SHARKY BUCKS you earn at each visit is up to you based on our guidelines.
  3. Treat your SHARKY BUCKS like real money. Once you spend them or if you lose them, they are gone.


  • Redeem 30 Sharky Bucks for $5 in Gift Certificates to McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, or Starbucks
  • Redeem 60 Sharky Bucks for a $10 Gift Certificate to Barnes & Noble Bookstores or GameStop
  • Redeem 90 Sharky Bucks for two Movie Tickets or a $15 Gift Certificate to Best Buy or the iTunes Store
  • Redeem 150 Sharky Bucks for a $25 Gift Certificate to Best Buy, Barnes & Noble Bookstores, or a $25 iTunes card

Sharky - Reichheld Ting Orthodontics' Shark Nation Mascot